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    Archagod from heroms app


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    Archagod from heroms app Empty Archagod from heroms app

    Post by logkiller on Wed Nov 25, 2009 9:24 pm

    Hello people of Duckeh MS

    Who am i: I am archagod from heroms. why i came to this server, well heroms was closed down by the dmca unfortunately, so i have nowhere else to go, so i chose to come here because this is a version 75 private server with lower rates. I hate private servers with high rates, they just are not fun :-(. I like it here better. I know how to code luxaries like npcs, and custom fm maps, and i know how to add new player/gm commands.
    Real name: Alex
    Ign: Archagod ( i wanted to stick to the same as heroms)
    Gender: male
    Age: 13
    Where i live: New York City
    Time zone: E.S.T
    Gm level wanted: Any gm level, i just want to be able to help out well enough.
    Contact me: msn- or aim- alex667854 my email is
    I can speak french a little, and english

    Attention: the next two part is very wordy, to summarize the next two parts:
    I love to help out, I am kind to players, no matter what kind of player it is, i do not choose sides between players, i do not choose favorites, and i have lots of time to be on and part of this server. I do not think gm is all about banning hackers and hosting events, it is about those, but it also about helping players to understand things and promoting the server. Gms are supposed to appeal to players so that they would stay with the server longer. I am the kind of gm that keeps a steady balance of what should and should NOT happen in the server.
    Why I should be gm: I love to help out a lot, and i enjoy volunteering to help improve something else. Like i said before, i was gm in a version 75 private server (heroms), also, a version 62 ps, and two version 55 private server. On heroms, i was on about twenty four seven. I knew how to help players, and i banned over 40 hackers myself. I know all the names of the hacks. I know when to be serious, and when to kid around. I am not a gm that gives out free items, or changes peoples levels or jobs or kills players. I keep events to a small amount, not to spoil players, unless either of the owners here would like me to host many, i would. I can learn lots about this private server, and its bugs very quickly. I would love to be part of this community, and this is a nice server.

    About me: I am a helpful person, and i have time for players when they need help. Most players in the other private servers were surprised because when i came to help them because i warped to them very quickly. I take bugs and glitches very seriously. I am very talkative, which you can see as good or bad. I know how to make private servers, and put them online and all of that, which means I know how to code a little. I have experience with coding, and gfx, and before i left heroms, i was working on a project, making skill edits. I never got to release them there, but I might release them here. In other servers, as dumb as some of the players are, and they went to pretty dumb (one asked a question like can i donate to the server with mesos), and i give players like those my full attention, and do not loose my temper and get mad to at them. Players deserve respect, Correct. Gms belong to players, the only reason they are there is to regulate game activity, and appeal to players. Gms shouldnt get jobs because they like them, they should get jobs because they are commited. I am very commited to getting this job. I would love to be a part of the servers, and it would be a great pleasure working your server.
    How i handle harrassment and hacking:

    harrassment- I would give the players a warning, and if it does not stop, i would give a temp ban. Harassment in games has to be taken care of in a certain way.

    Hacking- i always take a ss before i ban, so i would get a ss, then poof the hacker is banned. I take hacking seriously. There is not compromising with hacking. Hackers are still people though, they are just disliked people.
    I know all the commands, and most mob/map/item ids. I also know how to handle the forums very well. when theres a post in the wrong section, i would help out and move it to the right one. I would also deleted posts that adverties other private servers, or posts that involve fowl language. The only private server that should be known here is HeartStory.

    So everyone can determine that i am legit, here is a ss i took of me in heroms banning hackers
    Archagod from heroms app Maple0012
    Archagod from heroms app Maple0002
    Archagod from heroms app Maple0003-1
    and yes those pictures look a little abnormal, they have skill edits in them, custom health bar, custom skills, i made the custom skills on some of them.
    Thank you for reading this app. From Archagod from heroms/bowms/deathstory/godstory~ Smile

    Just a question, can regular gms host events, or can only event gms host events?

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    Archagod from heroms app Empty Re: Archagod from heroms app

    Post by Lemon on Thu Nov 26, 2009 1:43 am

    nice application and use the format that we assigned so re APPLY THE WHOLE THING WITH REQUIREMENT INFO

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    Archagod from heroms app Empty Re: Archagod from heroms app

    Post by Kawazoe on Thu Nov 26, 2009 2:46 am

    Sucks Application. You Copy and Paste From Your Old Application.

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    Archagod from heroms app Empty Re: Archagod from heroms app

    Post by Mango on Thu Nov 26, 2009 5:19 am

    Its a cool application.

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