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    Some Informations of Jobs


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    Some Informations of Jobs Empty Some Informations of Jobs

    Post by iL1nk on Mon Nov 23, 2009 2:09 pm

    I'll post here some informations of some Jobs.

    Thief - NL (Night Lord)(Rogue »Assassin »Hermit »NL)
    The Night Lord (or NL) is a good job for beggining, because you can start being dexless, putting points only on Lucky (Luk). And, get FJ (Flash Jump), that is a good Skill to walk faster.

    Thief - Shadower (Dit)(Rogue »Bandit »Chief Bandit »Shadower)
    The Shadowers, are a Short-Attack class, that are good for moments that you are stuck in middle of many monsters. I dont like this class, but you can try it if you want.

    Magician - Wizard of Ice and Lightening (I/L)(Magician »Wizard I/L »Mage I/L »ArchMage)
    The I/L, is a good class that have not too high and not too low dmg, it have some Area Skills (Skills that hit many monsters at once) pretty goods, and the Teleport, that helps walking faster.

    Magician - Wizard of Fire and Poison (F/P)(Magician »Wizard F/P »Mage F/P »ArchMage)
    The F/P, is a class that have a damage higher than the other Magician's Classes, but the 4th Job Skills aren't so good as Bishop.

    Magician - Cleric (Magician »Cleric »Priest »Bishop)
    Cleric, have a nice area skill in 4th Job called "Genesis", and have not too low and not too high damage (Like I/L). That skill help a lot when you are weak (Whit 0,1 or 2 Rebirths).

    Archer - BowMan (Archer »Hunter »Ranger »BowMaster)
    BowMans, attacks from far, like Night Lords, but have a lowest damage. You'll not have to worry about buying arrows untill you get 2nd Job Advancement, because in 2nd Job, Bowmans have a skill called "Soul Arrow" that allows you to dont waste arrows for a few time.

    Archer - CrossBowman (Archer »CrossBowman »Sniper »Marksman)
    CrossBowmans, use CrossBows, (Two Handed Bows), and attacks and waste arrows like Bowmans, but still have the skill "Soul Arrow" in 2nd Job. In 4th Job, CrossBowmans have a skill that allows you to hit a pretty high damage. (i dont know name of the skill)

    Warrior - Dragon Knight (DK)(Swordsman »Spearman »Dragon Knight »Dark Knight)
    Dragon Knights are good when you get 2nd Job Advancement, because in 2nd Job, you'll have a skill that makes your Max HP goes higher. And in 3rd Job, DK's have an area skill called "Dragon Roar" that has a great damage.

    Warrior - Hero (Swordsman »Fighter »Crusader »Hero)
    Heros are good in Short-Attack, whit a 4th Job skill called "Brandish", that you hit many monsters at once. And, i recommend you get Pirate Job - Gunslinger before becoming Hero, because Gunslinger have an Area Skill that has a pretty high damage when you have Many Strenght (STR) Points.

    I'll not talk about Pirates, because i dont play too much whit them.

    Edits by Meep :
    Paladin : (Swordsman >Page >White Knight > Paladin)
    Magic knights fight with elemental blesses that cover's most monster's weaknesses. A really good job for bossing.

    Gunslinger : (Pirate > GunSlinger > Outlaw > ...Forgot)
    Long ranged fast shooters. They start out slowly and weak but at 4th job, they attack as fast as Bowmasters and have many epic moves that cause epic damage.

    Buccaneers : (Pirate > Brawler > Infighter? > Buccaneer) Short ranged combo breakers! They have many different kinds of attacks and cause high combo attacks attacking up to 8 times causing high damage at 3rd to 4th job

    I Hope you guys like my Jobs Informations Topic.

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    Some Informations of Jobs Empty Re: Some Informations of Jobs

    Post by Mango on Mon Nov 23, 2009 4:20 pm

    Good job! But you should add cygnus job too
    Real handy, Stickied

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    Some Informations of Jobs Empty Re: Some Informations of Jobs

    Post by Digital on Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:30 pm

    This is a great guide. Here is some information about cygnus jobs:

    Thunder Breaker:
    - Wielding knuckles, they hold the power of thunder. The call upon the sharks to break through enemies with powerful force. With strength as their main component it's no wonder how strong they are.

    Dawn Warrior:

    - Accompanied by the spirit of light, their strong physical contact will destroy your opponents in a flash. A Dawn Warrior is nearly like a Hero, except they hold a skill called Soul Driver, which will crush your opponent with falling swords rising from above. This popular class has great STR.

    Blaze Wizard:

    - Call upon the Ifrit, accompanied by Flames, Blaze Wizards wield staves to fire their opponents down to the ground. Their main component is intelligence which they use to outsmart the enemy and throwing the final blow.

    Night Walker:
    - Stealth. Dark. Thats near allyou can say about a Night Walker. A great and popular job. Wielding claws, they throw ninja stars directly at their opponent with great LUK! Evading enemies with their luck, and sneaking up behind them to call upon bats to eat their opponents.

    I did as best as I could, with my experience, it's not that much.

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    Some Informations of Jobs Empty Re: Some Informations of Jobs

    Post by MRFlame on Tue Nov 24, 2009 5:45 am

    NICE..those who are unaware should read this..And add Aran and Evan if possible, they are the new jobs coming to MS.

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    Some Informations of Jobs Empty Re: Some Informations of Jobs

    Post by logkiller on Wed Nov 25, 2009 9:27 pm

    um thanks, thats pretty much a review of all the jobs o.O most people know that though.

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    Some Informations of Jobs Empty Re: Some Informations of Jobs

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