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    Tommy's Gm App


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    Tommy's Gm App Empty Tommy's Gm App

    Post by itztommeh on Tue Feb 02, 2010 2:16 pm

    Tommy's Gm App
    Name : Tommy
    IGN : Tommeh

    Experiences : Been a gm in the ninja private server

    Why do you want to be a gm : I have been playing MapleStory for over 3 years , so im familiar with the game. I play private servers and in previous private servers I have noticed all of them have a few things in common, but one I've noticed the most. When people ask GM's for help.. no one replies(in most cases, maybe not in this server). So I could be the one to help the people who are in need of help. I think I know a lot of the MapleWorld so I would like to share it with all of the Mapler's who needs help in DuckehMS. Im helpful, smart, and friendly as well.

    What will I do as gm? : I would try and use correct grammar and correct spelling (a.k.a. saying 'You' instead of 'u'). Also I would try and looking professional since I think GM's should try and act professional. I wouldn't be showing off my GM powers, or Abusing my powers, just doing what I should do.
    Why do I think I deserve to be a gm : Becuase, I'm very organized and am a very helpful GM

    Playing times : After school and on the weekends

    Activeness : Addicted

    How well are you known in DuckehMS : Pretty new started off slow

    Describe yourself : I am 14 years old as I have stated up there. I currently do not work. I'm currently in 9th grade. I was born in Louisiana. I can speak a 3 diffrent languages. I am out for alot of sports(made 2 allstar teams). I.. love to text and hang out. Very interactive guy....

    GM Level wanted: I really dont care, where ever i fit in at

    Have I ever gotten a Ban before : Nopes XD

    Thank you for reading my GM Application!

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