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    Feng's gm application


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    Feng's gm application Empty Feng's gm application

    Post by x36365957 on Sat May 01, 2010 12:37 am

    GM Application -
    Name :Feng
    IGN :NextLifeLove
    Experiences :I had played maple story or private sever over 4 years
    Why do you want to be a gm :I want to help people . and catch hacker. host event.
    What will I do as gm? :chat hacker. help people. host event. banned scammer
    Why do I think I deserve to be a gm :
    Playing times :all weekend 5- 10 hours
    Activeness : Addicted
    How well are you known in DuckehMS :just started but I will learn fast .
    How long I've been playing DuckehMS : hmm 1 week
    Describe yourself : I am 15 years old and I am chinese and friendly to all peoples
    GM Level wanted (If you ask what this is, get out. Unless you have a really nice app) :hmmm don't care just want to help people host event catch hacker banned scammer
    Have I ever gotten a Ban before :nope never......

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